1 During your use of the Online Shop are automatically collected data for the user. These data include: your IP address, domain name, browser type, operating system type. These data can be collected by cookies ("cookies"), Google Analytics.

2 Cookies referred to in point. 1, the files sent to the computer or device's web browsing an online store.

2.1. Cookies remember user preferences, which can include:

a) improving the quality of services,

b) improve the relevance of search results and display goods,

c) the creation of audience statistics,

d) to follow the preferences of the user.

2.2. Cookies do not cause any changes in the device configuration or the software installed on the device user.

2.3. You may refuse the use of cookies (cookies blocking), which in the future will prevent the storage of cookies on your device user.

2.4. If you do not consent to the use of cookies (cookies lock applies) should choose the appropriate settings in his browser web pages. The cookies varies depending on the browser used by the user.

2.5. A user who wants to remove existing cookies should select the appropriate settings within his web browser or delete cookies manually. The process of removing cookies varies depending on the browser used by the user.

2.6. Exporter warns that blocking or deleting cookies may cause difficulties in using the online shop and in some cases prevent the use of some of its features.